Whereas “Art book” shows Arnd’s artistic evolution and versatility throughout the years in both his choice of materials and forms of expressions, this catalogue focuses on the more recent expansion of his “Bubble” series. For years the original “Bubble” concept, created in 1991, was put to rest. This particular project being very dear to Arnd, it always remained at the back of his mind and he returned to it in the early 2000’s. The size of the original Bubble was only about 30*30 centimetres and used five layers. His latest Bubble series are taller than a man and the amount of layers is reduced to just three. What fascinates Arnd is that although the original idea of overlapping different cutout basic shapes is very simple, it allows for an endless number of dimensions, materials and production methods. Continued exploration of these possibilities yielded several generations of “Bubble”; each similar yet different from its predecessor and most certainly delightful works of art. Changing the sequence of overlapping yields stunning effects and inspires Arnd to keep thinking about the next version.