In 1994, the Artist joined his University on an excursion to the island of Santorini in Greece. Santorini is well known for its typical architecture of whitewashed houses with touches of blue. Walking along the shore it appeared to Arnd that even much of the rubbish carried in by the waves was coloured in blue. He started collecting items of that tone only.

His leisurely walks along the shore had now turned into a mission and day-by-day the amount of collectables grew.

Arnd displayed them in the white wooden key shelf of the hotel. The diversity of the pieces shown in the niches of the shelf is in stark contrast with the geometric white pattern of the shelf itself. The beauty of the variety of materials, of the shapes and tones of blue as well as their different stages of decay only add to the contrast and make the installation very vivid.

It has become second nature to Arnd to take average, everyday objects out of their actual context, to give them a new sense and to transform them into showpieces. It is a theme that recurs in many of his works.

He took his collectibles back to Germany, copied the shelf to the exact measurements and displayed his installation in the foyer of the University’s interior design department.