Arnd Christian Müller’s work is in both, Interior design and art, all about minimalism and the awareness of subtle beauty in arrangements of everyday objects. He transfers simple, familiar items into new surroundings or contexts and our perception of them transcends their original meaning. Typically, when an object catches Arnd’s fascination, he gives it a new life as an element of a more important collective whole. In choosing simple techniques, he creates a manifest stress between the known and the un-known, between simplicity and complexity.

Fashion trends are never followed as longevity of ideas, gestures materials and space is the most important credo for the Designer and Artist. The user or observer easily connects with the mostly well-known surroundings or objects. The new interpretation however is often surprising and invites to experience the tension between an old and a newer awareness. The work deals with the relativity of value and the value of creativity. It is a visualisation of how the whole becomes more than the sum of the elements.