In 2016, in continuation of his work on creating a seemingly endless variety of circular patterns through the layering of common geometric forms, Arnd enriched the “Bubble” series with the “Color Bubble”. Material and method are as previously; acrylic sheets on which a path drawn along circular sections create fields that are cut away. Placing and turning the individual sheets in front of each other allows for a seemingly never-ending variety of new patterns and changing opacity. The previous monochrome “Bubble” installations consisted of 4 sheets and its square format allowed for an unlimited possibility of variations.The new “Color bubble” is rectangular and consists of only three sheets in the primary fluorescent colours blue, red and yellow. The sheets are larger and therefore create more geometrical patterns. It allows for both horizontal and vertical arrangements. As in the previous series, the sheets can be turned in different orientations in order to form new shapes and shades, Stacking these colourful sheets generates empty areas and a flush of new secondary tones where the sheets overlap. Light filters through the installation and throws marvellous reflections and shadows on the areas behind it, resulting in a graffiti-like projection; a metamorphosis of the environment.The three models presented by Arnd, are “Random”, “Chinese Opera masks” and “Symmetry”. The cutout patterns are chosen in a way to achieve different characteristics. “Random” stands for a very arbitrary approach of loose patterns, closely following the intention of the earlier “Bubble” series. “Chinese Opera Masks” is a playful work in which the cut-out-shapes and resulting colours remind of patterns commonly used in Chinese opera masks make-up. The “Symmetric” approach is a geometric cutout, based on mirroring effects. It is a rather digital on/off pattern, creating a charming, more settled and calm